The Washington schools tumble, the Arizona schools rise and chaos reigns halfway through the 2016 season.

Every team in the Pac-12 has played at least six games, so we’re halfway home.

And we know … nothing.

We thought the Washington schools had it going on. Then they get swept on the road, scoring a combined 10 points.

We thought the Arizona schools were destined for mediocrity. Then Khalil Tate happened, ASU suddenly found its defense and they’re tied for second place in the South Division.

No one is unbeaten in conference play. Eleven of the 12 league members are .500 or better overall. If you can predict with any degree of certainty what’s going to happen over the second half of the season, you’re a lot smarter than we are.

Anyway, on to the rankings. Per usual, they were voted on by three Star sports staffers: Zack Rosenblatt, Justin Spears and yours truly. Oddly, we all agreed on Nos. 1, 4, 5 and 6. Opinions differed otherwise.