Rob Gronkowski is certainly enjoying retirement. 

When the Boston Red Sox held their home opener at Fenway Park on April 9 and celebrated their 2018 World Series title, the New England Patriots were invited to celebrate a Super Bowl victory.

It was a day full of celebration for the city of Boston. Julian Edelman and Gronkowski were warming up to throw the first pitch when the Patriots' sixth and latest Lombardi Trophy was thrown into the line of fire. During an Edelman pitch, Gronkowski pretended to be a batter — except his bat was the Lombardi Trophy.

The former Arizona Wildcat decided to lay down a bunt. 

"As (Gronkowski) lines up, (Edelman) is the pitcher and Gronk is just standing there. We were all under the impression that, 'No way is he going to swing a Lombardi Trophy," said Patriots defensive back Jason McCourty. "Gronkowski's parting gift."

Gronkowski left a dent on the tip of the trophy and literally left his mark on the franchise, as the Patriots' sixth Super Bowl trophy will forever have a baseball-sized crater on it. The Patriots will have a unique story to tell those who wonder what happened to the most recent Super Bowl trophy, which New England doesn't plan to fix.

"If anyone could do it and get away with it, it would be Mr. Gronkowski himself. He has now left an everlasting mark so that people will never forget that he was a part of that championship team," said Patriots defensive back Duron Harmon. 

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