To prove he was on campus, UA released this photo of Sean Miller it says was taken Tuesday.

Arizona coach Sean Miller said today on Twitter that he has "no interest" in returning to his alma mater of Pitt as head coach, despite some internet speculation to the contrary.

When Miller decided to stay at Arizona after a brief flirtation with Maryland five years ago, he vowed not to be "that guy" whose name surfaces every spring for another job.

So far, he's lived up to that word — even as the Wildcats reached the Elite Eight in 2014 and 2015.

But speculation heated up today, with one unattributed story even saying Miller has been offered the job  and is in town thinking about it (which prompted a Deadspin shot at that report), while a tweet detailed how he "flew" to Pittsburgh.

(Miller is in Tucson today).

There have never been any indications that Miller was interested in returning to his alma mater, and he's previously talked about the good weather in Tucson and his family's fondness for Arizona.

Monetarily, he's in good shape, too. He earned $2.57 million this season despite not hitting most of his performance incentives, and will collect another $2.1 million if he stays at Arizona until April 30 (the payoff from his seven-year retention bonus).

He's also in line to get another $3.7 million retention bonus (this one is booster-funded) if he stays at UA until 2020. (It's all detailed in the Miller compensation box attached to this story.)

On top of all that, Miller has three five-star recruits lined up for 2016 and a crack at landing Josh Jackson this spring, too.