If all goes well in Sochi, Shaun White plans to stretch the limits of what he did in the Vancouver Games. While White turned the snowboarding world on its head in 2010 with the "Double McTwist 1260," he plans to take that trick one step farther with the "frontside double-cork 1440." White has been practicing the trick on a custom-built half-pipe that GoPro had made for him and unveiled the trick in a YouTube video on Thursday. (You can see the actual trick starting around 2:30 in the video above.)

On a video posted to a sponsor's YouTube site Thursday, White shows the world the trick he's been working on for the upcoming Olympics.

It's a frontside double-cork 1440, which resembles his Double McTwist 1260 but adds another half revolution of twist inside the two head-over-heels flips.

''Just that subtle a change, it throws the whole axis of the trick off,'' White told The Associated Press earlier this month. ''It's a completely different thing.''

White has been dealing with a nagging ankle injury over the first two Olympic qualifying events and his next action is scheduled for Jan. 8 in Breckenridge. AP writer Eddie Pells says no other competitor has tried anything more than a double cork 1260 so White may not have to pull this trick out of his bag until he hits Russian snow in February.

Here's a GIF of White's new trick: