Amy's Donuts is going into the spot at Fort Lowell and Stone Avenue. 

Some mornings you eat a yogurt. And some mornings you want to eat lots and lots of ...

Lucky for you, this new shop will have more than 100 different varieties including Reese's, Oreo, mini marshmallows and more. Amy's Donuts is a mom-and-pop shop based out of Colorado Springs, Colo. that plans to open its third location this summer in Tucson. 


24 hour donuts... it does exist! 🍩🦄 #donuts #coloradosprings

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It's going into the former Little Luke's at 101 E. Fort Lowell Road, which closed last summer. The outside of the building has been painted a festive pink and orange, kinda like a homey version of Dunkin' Donuts. Update: Amy's will hold its grand opening June 19 at 4 a.m., it announced on Facebook

But the shop is actually taking a page from the trendy Voodoo Doughnut joint in Portland ("The magic is in the hole?"), which popularized crazy combos like Captain Crunch and bubble gum.

Amy's Donuts specializes in the yeast doughnut variety (as opposed to cake doughnuts) and goes a little loopy with the toppings. Here are a few examples ...



I d🍩nut know what I was thinking. #RoadToRio #foodie #my_cosprings

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My breakfast for this Morning while at Summit. Delicious 😜

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Good way to start a morning 🍩

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This is a bacon covered donut or as I like to call it "the food of the gods" #myfavoritethings #donuts

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Strawberry Pearl donut for the princess that I am.

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The Colorado Springs location is currently open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of the specialty doughnuts are priced around $2 apiece, or $17 for a dozen. They also serve fresh-made pigs in a blanket.

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