If you feel pressured by your employer to work while showing symptoms of COVID-19, there's a new number for you to call. 

Have you been asked to put your company ahead of public health? The Pima County Attorney's Office has created a tip line for local workers who have been pressured to work while sick, or showing symptoms of COVID-19. 

If you or one of your coworkers has been put in this position, you can now call 520-724-5600 and speak to a detective. They will listen to your story and then contact the appropriate agency to investigate your case, says Amelia Cramer, chief deputy at the Pima County Attorney's Office. 

The tip line was created at the the request of the county administrator, after the Pima County Health Department had become inundated with COVID-19 related calls, she said. Cramer said that under new emergency declarations regarding COVID-19, asking a sick employee to work could possibly carry civil or criminal charges. 

The tip line is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. A detective, as well as a victim advocate, will always be on-hand. The calls are not anonymous, as detectives often need witnesses to conduct a proper investigation. If you would like to place an anonymous complaint, you can also call the Pima County Attorney's 88 Crime number at 520-882-7463.     

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