Neighborhood resident Phil Hall, right, uses his hose to cool down walkers from the procession as they approach the Fiesta at Mercado San Agustin Annex in 2018. The annual event is an appeal to St John the Baptist to deliver rain during the monsoon season.

El Día de San Juan is an annual summer event to celebrate the coming monsoon season and honor St. John the Baptist (patron saint of WATER).

Last year's celebration was one of many local events canceled due to COVID-19. And last year's monsoon was one of the worst in local history. Coincidence?

The tradition, which marks the start of the annual monsoon season and has been celebrated in Tucson for over a century, will be held this year in and around Mission Garden at 946 W. Mission Lane

Festivities include food, music and more happening in the garden Thursday, June 24 from 5:30 to 9 p.m.

Physical distancing and masks are encouraged this year and guests are encouraged to bring a flashlight to light their path in the garden.

Find more information about the event on the Facebook Page.

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