BNR Acres is going to bring baby goats to Catalina Brewing Company for baby goat yoga. 

This upcoming yoga class is gonna be the G.O.A.T.

That's right. Goat yoga is happening in Tucson and it's gonna be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. 

You'll be practicing classic yoga poses while baby goats play and bounce around you at Catalina Brewing Company. 

Don't worry, it's totally OK to take snuggle breaks. 

Goat yoga is also called Caprine Vinyasa — part yoga, part animal therapy —  and has gained national popularity in the last couple of years. 

The class will be led by Om Guna Move.

Baby Goat Yoga is part of Catalina Brewing Company's third anniversary celebration on Saturday, Feb. 23, which will also include a petting zoo and live music.

We think yoga, baby goats and beer might just make the best Saturday ever. 

We are not alone. 

The event was posted on Facebook last Sunday and has gotten so much interest that there will now be three separate 45-minute classes that day instead of one, says Marie Vance, general manager of Catalina Brewing Company. 

"I can tell you that this event has gotten more likes, shares and interest than any other event we have done," Vance says. 

Catalina Brewing Company hosts yoga events twice a month, so Vance, who has always wanted to try goat yoga, thought they would try something different.

And since the response has been so great, Vance says the brewery will now host goat yoga once a month. 

The goats and petting zoo animals will come from BNR Acres, a farm on the southwest side of Tucson.

They're hoping to bring eight goats to the yoga classes, says Brenda Anderson-Johnson from BNR Acres. This is the farm's first goat yoga event.

"I have always been drawn to goats for their playful and affectionate nature," Vance says. "Yoga is already calming and helps me feel centered. I think the connection to nature will be heightened with the addition of little goats frolicking around me."

If you go

What: Baby Goat Yoga

When: Saturday, Feb. 23, 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. 

Where: Catalina Brewing Company, 6978 N. Camino Martin, suite 120

Cost: $10

Info: Bring your own mat. Go here to sign up. Drop-ins are welcome, but you won't be guaranteed a spot unless you register in advance. Your first beer is $4. Find more info here.

Angela Pittenger | This Is Tucson