Shop local and never leave the couch.

Here are a few cool gifts you can get from Etsy stores that ship from Tucson.

The best part? They're all under $20!

This gift will give the merperson in your life a chance to swish their fins in a pool (okay, bathtub) of glitter and sea goodness.

Pure Poetry Cosmetics' Etsy shop also has other fun bath-time treats like lavender bubble bars and shower steamer pucks

According to customer reviews, the bath bombs run smaller than your typical Lush bath bomb product, so it might be best to buy a couple. 

We've read and watched the Harry Potter series and now it's time to smell it.

Etsy shop Paperly & Co. has taken the guess work out of what some of your favorite wizarding places reek of with scented candles made to transform your nose into the "nostrils who lived."

Each candle has a Harry Potter quote printed on the the tin holder.

Take a tour though Dumbledor's Office, The Burrow, Zonko's Joke Shop or the Forbidden Forest. Our favorite is the Weasley Christmas candle; which has a top note of mistletoe, a mid note of a fireplace and a bottom note of Douglas-fir. 

Embrace the desert love with these cool cactus tees that are hand stitched to perfection. 

This gift is perfect for your out-of-town friend who is tired of wearing puffy jackets and staring at snow.

Each item by the Tucson TShirt Company is made to order, so be sure to put in your request a week or so in advance. 

Rejoice Stranger Things and coffee fans, there is now a tote bag that shows your devotion to both.

This Sheriff Jim Hopper quote creation is from the Etsy shop, Turtles Soup, which specializes in unique greeting cards, holiday cards, stickers, buttons and a lot of other cool stuff.

This nail polish is so blinding, you might need to include sunglasses with your gift.

Lacquistry creates nail polishes out of super fine partials of reflective metal for an overall texture and appearance that is completely unique; no glitter required.

All of the products are hand mixed and poured for that extra "made with love" feel.

Try the Amazeballz line, a silvery concoction that comes in a variety of finishes and shine.

Get shopping!

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