Supplies can be dropped off at 18 locations and will be given to the YWCA of Southern Arizona and Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona. 

More than a dozen Tucson places are collecting menstrual products next week to donate to those in need in the community and to raise awareness about the challenges accessing supplies faced by people who menstruate. 

Pima County District 5 Supervisor Adelita Grijalva is helping spearhead the project and declared the week of May 24-28 to be Period Poverty Awareness Week. 

Donated menstrual supplies will be given to the YWCA of Southern Arizona and the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona to distribute to the community. 

"One in four women have struggled to purchase period products in the past year due to lack of income, which highlights the need for donations as well as long-term changes," Dr. Shannon Robert, CEO of the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, said in a news release. 

There are several barriers people face in accessing period supplies. 

"Sales taxes, reduced access to these products in prisons and jails, and the fact that menstrual products are exempted from public health benefits programs, all contribute to the inequality," according to a news release. "Pads and tampons are also not freely available in schools, homeless shelters, and other public areas."

One in five women have reported missing work or school due to not having menstrual supplies, according to data on the Period Poverty Awareness Week website

“Everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life, and your period should not get in the way of that,” Grijalva said in a news release about the project. 

Here's how to help. 

What's needed

New, unopened packages of pads, tampons, liners and menstrual cups.  

Where to drop off products 

Donations can be collected at the following locations May 24-28, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

For more information visit the Period Poverty Awareness Week website

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