Decked out in Santa's gear, you'll find Mickey and friends at one of the houses in the Tammeron Court cul-de-sac. 

Christmas lights aren't the only thing responsible for the twinkle in this northwest Tucson neighborhood. 

What you're seeing is a dash of Disney magic, some pixie dust, if you will. 

To get there, you won't need to follow the second star to the right straight on 'til morning. Just take Oldfather Road north from Ina Road and hang a left on Plantation Street. If you hit Cortaro Farms Road, you've gone too far. The neighborhood is sandwiched between North Oldfather Road and Camino de Oeste.  

"Welcome to Tammeron Toons featuring Disney Lane," reads a wooden sign at the entrance of the neighborhood. 

Cars creep down the roads and kids' heads hang out vehicle windows yelling, "Simba! Elsa! SpongeBob!" as they spot their favorite characters. 

Although the original displays started on Tammeron Court aka "Disney Lane," other houses in the neighborhood got in on the action, adding beloved characters who don't call Disneyland home. 

It's definitely worth loading up the family for one last light-looking hoorah before Christmas. 

Here are just a few of the friends you'll meet along the way. 

It looks like dalmatians have overrun this Tammeron Court house. But don't go crazy counting. There aren't actually 101. 

Our favorite wiz kids Harry, Hermione and Ron (plus Hagrid) are an example of non-Disney characters that definitely add to the magic. Accio Christmas cheer!

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown. 

This is one of several "Frozen" displays you'll see in the neighborhood. Little girls in Tucson rejoice. 

Find Star Wars, you will, on Tammeron Court. 

The gang's all here for an ogre-style Christmas at the swamp. 

"Fish are friends, not food." 

There's some sort of under-the-sea theme going on here. You'll find SpongeBob SquarePants across the street from Nemo, Dory and Bruce. 

Pure magic. 

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