Tucson Wedding Guide - A Mountain

Sentinel Peak, aka A Mountain provides views of the city as a backdrop for your wedding. 

Once you decide who you'll spend the rest of your life with, figuring out WHERE to start that chapter is the next big decision to make. 

You could go with a resort and stay on the property with your guests or opt for a church and probably save a lot of money. But if neither of those options sound like you, Tucson has an abundance of other venues. 

Here are five to consider. 

(And if you want an even bigger list of Tucson wedding venues or are searching for other local wedding vendors, we made a searchable guide with more than 200 local vendors listed. You're welcome.) 

If you're a cowgirl at heart

Stardance, 8110 N. Scenic Drive

Check out Stardance Event Center, 8110 N. Scenic Drive. You get both indoor and outdoor options here with views of the Tucson Mountains and Sombrero Peak (think about your photos 😍). If you love the western vibe, you could totally play it up here — or just add a few touches for a more subtle approach. The indoor reception area looks like a renovated barn, so your cowboy boots will be perfectly at home. 

Here are three other, non-resort venues that have whispers of the Wild West: The Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch, Good Shepherd Ranch and the Savoy Opera House

If you're more of a city girl 

The Stillwell House and Gardens, 134 S. Fifth Ave., is just south of Broadway. It's basically a historic mansion with a beautiful courtyard, gardens and a cantina downtown. The location means your guests have lots of after-party options. 

Here are three other downtown Tucson venues: Copper Hall at Hotel Congress, The Z Mansion  and The Carriage House

If nature is your happy place

Catalina State Park, 11570 N. Oracle Road.

Get married with nothing but trees and mountains surrounding you at Catalina State Park. This is also a super cheap venue, because, well, nature. You'll be sharing the grounds with hikers and campers and need to bring just about everything for the day. Also, there's no dance floor. But maybe you won't mind when you're dancing under the stars. 

Here are three more venues that will satisfy your craving for the great outdoors: Sentinel Peak ('A' Mountain), Tucson Botanical Gardens and Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

If quirky things bring you joy

The Pima Air and Space Museum provides a different backdrop for your wedding.

Then you need airplanes at your wedding. You can plan an event at the Pima Air and Space Museum, 6000 E. Valencia Road and get married under airplane wings. For real. The museum also has catering. 

Here are three other unforgettable places to say 'I do': Reid Park Zoo, Whistle Stop Depot and the Tucson Museum of Art

If you want something small and intimate

Park Ave, 242 S. Park Ave

Park Avenue Weddings, 242 S. Park Ave., is a kind-of funky space with a stage area that looks like the caboose of a train. That's where you'll get married. The space can accommodate up to 200 guests, so not that small, but we think this would be a lovely venue for a smaller group. 

Here are three more tiny spots for your big moment: Reid Park Rose Garden, Maynards Market & Kitchen and Kingan Gardens

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