Hotel McCoy

The hotel opened in 1970 as the Silverbell Inn. It is named for the McCoy Mountains near the Arizona-California border.

Anyone getting married knows the biggest wedding expense is usually the venue.

But not if you plan your wedding at Hotel McCoy. 

The new west side art hotel announced last week that it will offer its event space for FREE.  

"A few industry friends have said it's a big mistake and that our space has value, but, if you bring us business, sleep in our rooms and buy our drinks and support our hotel in those ways, that's enough for us," says Nicole Dahl, creative director of the hotel. 

To get the free event space, you will have to pay a certain amount in bar sales or reserve some rooms. Here's an example:

The Zen Zone + Room package includes a main event room, plus an outdoor turf area with a water feature, mural and cornhole. The capacity for this package is 120 people. You can get it for free Friday-Saturday with 12 reserved rooms or $1,000 in bar sales. You can also opt to just pay for it at $100 per hour.

Or book your wedding on a weekday and get the space for free with six rooms reserved or $250 in bar sales. 

There are other options like reserving the pool area or just the event room. 

You can also hire hotel staff to tend bar, set up, clean up and serve food and rent tables and chairs, a tent and a movie screen for additional fees. 

Outside vendors are welcome but check with the hotel for their list of preferred vendors and deals. 

Hotel McCoy

Hotel McCoy is located at 720 W. Silverlake Road and is a renovated 1960s mid-century modern art hotel. 

It breathes Tucson vibes from the moment you walk in. The lobby is decked out with artwork by local artists and the beer, wine and coffee are all local. 

For questions about reserving the event space, email

Go here for hotel details. 

Angela Pittenger | This Is Tucson