For years, one of the questions and on-going jokes has been will Arizona incorporate tight ends into the offense? 

Last season, Bryce Wolma and Jamie Nunley answered that question. Both were freshmen in 2017 and contributed 453 yards and three touchdowns combined. 

With a new coaching staff, the tight ends are mentored by head coach Kevin Sumlin and are expected to play an essential role in his offense. 

On the defensive side of the ball, Arizona's cornerback depth is one of the biggest question marks surrounding the Wildcats. Last year's starters Jace Whittaker and Lorenzo Burns are expected to be back in the fold, but behind them, the Cats don't have much depth. 

Install Tim Hough, the graduate transfer from UNLV who recently joined the team over the summer and has intentions of starting at cornerback. 

Both Hough and Wolma spoke to the media after Friday's practice, here's what they had to say:

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