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A UA center is researching ways to grow food in extreme circumstances and to impart extraordinary flavor to ordinary varieties.  

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Bacal, former owner of Pioneer Paint and Varnish Co., served 12 years as Arizona's Democratic National Committeeman.

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They're concerned about losing their voice in an anti-science era.

Year's first month was cold and wet (when it wasn't hot and dry). It averaged out.

Trump administration clarifies the hiring freeze has exemptions for "public safety" and "seasonal workers."

Laws of classical physics postulated by Newton work well for the directly observable world, but contemporary physicists are more interested in places where they don't seem to apply.

The $1-billion telescope will explore the cosmos from a mountaintop in Chile.

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UA scientists are finding and tracking record numbers of potentially dangerous asteroids.

A NASA Discovery mission to a hard-metal planet is the first on led by ASU's School of Earth and Space Sciences.

The University of Arizona's top scientists and promising graduate students will share their knowledge at four venues this spring.

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