Village Inn, 4245 E. Speedway - photo courtesy of Google earth

From February

History: Since the early 2000s, this location has largely received ratings of good and excellent. Its only other failed inspection was last summer, according to online county records.

What the inspector saw: On Feb. 24, a county inspector found 10 priority violations, including an employee handling ready-to-eat foods after touching raw meat, inadequate hand and dish washing practices, pesticides applied around two reach-in freezers and numerous dead cockroaches lying in the powdery substance behind the freezers, and a cooler failing to hold foods at safe temperatures. The inspection was in response to a Feb. 23 complaint from a customer who reported that a hostess had used a dirty towel to wipe their table, the kitchen appeared to be “very dirty” from where they were sitting and a waitress brought the customer a cup of a coffee with a large bug — possibly a roach — floating in it. The customer canceled their order and left, according to a copy of the complaint report obtained by the Star.

Follow-up: No follow-up inspection had taken place as of Thursday afternoon.

Response: A message for comment was not returned by deadline.


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