No matter what type of business or role you are in, most everyone ends up doing some type of sales throughout their career. It may just be internal, as you sell your latest great idea to your boss or you may be directly involved in selling a product or service to a customer. Either way, keeping people engaged during the sales process after the first meeting is important in whatever type of sales you might be in. Here are some tips gleaned from Media Sales Today and that can help you stay on track.

If you’ve just met with a prospect, there are certain things you should immediately do the next day to keep the sales process going. Too often, salespeople aren’t doing enough after the initial meeting. Rather than just sending a simple “thank you” email, shares five simple tasks that salespeople should do to follow up a meeting, keep the prospect engaged and put the ball firmly in his or her court.

  • Send a handwritten note AND an email. This double dose of correspondence will emphasize your thanks for the meeting. And, it’s doubtful your competitors are sending both an electronic and paper note, so you’re also differentiating yourself.
  • Write a recap of the meeting. While the details are fresh in your mind, write a summary of the meeting, which will help move the sales process along, serve as a personal reminder of how things transpired, and keep you organized. When writing the recap, be sure to include any priorities mentioned by the prospect that can be addressed with your product or service, the most interesting topic discussed, and any possible action items you need to tackle.
  • Follow up on promises. If you made the prospect any promises during the meeting, no matter how big or small, it’s time to follow through. Even if it’s just passing along an article of interest or a link that may address his or her current challenges, following through with any verbal promise will show that you are trustworthy AND care about the prospect’s needs.

Don’t cut the sales process short by not thoroughly following through with a prospect after a meeting. The following day presents a perfect opportunity to continue engagement, and with just a few small tasks, you can show the prospect that you appreciate her time and genuinely care about her business.


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