Bacon-wrapped burrito at WhataBurro

Bacon is carefully wrapped around the tortilla and seared in place, adding a salty crunch to the Sonora burrito, $10.50.

526 W. Columbia St. (commissary location)

From March

History: The food truck has had a mixed inspection record since 2014, receiving a needs improvement rating followed by a failed follow-up, three goods and two excellents. This was its first failing probationary rating.

What the inspector saw: While the exact number of priority violations was not listed in the inspection report, nine total violations were documented. Those included inadequate hand washing and food handling practices, a hand sink without paper towels or soap, food stored above and below established temperatures, and the lack of a food temperature thermometer and sanitizer test strips. A large number of flies were also observed near the mobile food truck.

Follow-up: The food truck passed a follow-up inspection on April 5.

Response: Owner Diego Valencia said he closed the food truck for a day after the failed inspection to address all of the problems, which he said were resolved. He noted that keeping foods adequately cooled in a food truck during warmer months is “difficult, but not impossible.”

“Everything is going good again,” Valencia said of his food truck.


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