Letters to the Saddlebag Notes

After reviewing a long-standing policy prohibiting Letters to the Editor, the Saddlebag Notes staff has decided to create a space for resident commentary both in print and on the website. Due … Read more

Most of us don’t like speed bumps, but many of us like to go too fast. There is a way to eliminate the need for more speed humps which disrupt a smooth drive, potentially damage vehicles, and … Read more

SaddleBrooke has a brand-new public forum for opinions, discussions, and observations. For the first time SaddleBrooke residents can submit Letters to the Editor potentially for publication mo… Read more

Letters to the Arizona Daily Star

How many Kurds died as the result of Trumps whim to withdraw from parts of Syria? We may never know. But we do know who is responsible for those deaths. Read more

I support Speaker Nancy Pelosi's quest to negotiate a fair and open process for President Trump's impeachment trail in the Senate. There is one statement she needs to make that would further s… Read more

The last Republican president lied America into a very long lasting war with Iraq which led to our fighting in neighboring Afghanistan. The current occupant of the Oval Office - when he isn't … Read more

When I was a child (now 73) we had a bully on our block. I could not go 4 houses down the street that if he saw me would mock, tease or punch or beat me up. He was 3 or 4 years older. His fath… Read more