Letters to the Saddlebag Notes

After reviewing a long-standing policy prohibiting Letters to the Editor, the Saddlebag Notes staff has decided to create a space for resident commentary both in print and on the website. Due … Read more

Most of us don’t like speed bumps, but many of us like to go too fast. There is a way to eliminate the need for more speed humps which disrupt a smooth drive, potentially damage vehicles, and … Read more

SaddleBrooke has a brand-new public forum for opinions, discussions, and observations. For the first time SaddleBrooke residents can submit Letters to the Editor potentially for publication mo… Read more

Letters to the Arizona Daily Star

Donald Trump has begun to formally withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord. Were Bob Dylan alive today he might just write the following: Read more

Following are some tips for drivers who are new to Tucson, or reminders for snowbirds just returning. (1) Always use your turn signal, but activate it only as you are in the process of turning… Read more

John Robert Bolton is the key eyewitness to the Trump Kingdom in Washington. Will duty, honor, country, and conscience be more important to him than a party? His open testimony and resolve can… Read more