Letters to the Saddlebag Notes

After reviewing a long-standing policy prohibiting Letters to the Editor, the Saddlebag Notes staff has decided to create a space for resident commentary both in print and on the website. Due … Read more

Most of us don’t like speed bumps, but many of us like to go too fast. There is a way to eliminate the need for more speed humps which disrupt a smooth drive, potentially damage vehicles, and … Read more

SaddleBrooke has a brand-new public forum for opinions, discussions, and observations. For the first time SaddleBrooke residents can submit Letters to the Editor potentially for publication mo… Read more

Letters to the Arizona Daily Star

The Associated Press (AP) reviews that are published in The Star are always informative. The September 13th assessment of various claims made during the prior evening's Democratic debate impli… Read more

A recent writer to the Star stated the "left" has no facts to support concerns over global warming. I suggest everyone who believes there is a lack of evidence to support the existential threa… Read more

To the author of the recent Letter to the Editor proclaiming that the "Left has no facts on the climate debate" I simply suggest that they, and others who may have similar beliefs, simply go t… Read more

Departing from politics for just a moment, here are two simple questions for your readers: (1) When did time begin? (2) How far does outer space extend? Read more

The media seems to have three main agendas these days, A Trump caused recession is coming. You can believe it because economic " expert " Catherine Rampell says so. The world is going to end s… Read more