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Since owls and hawks are both raptors (from the Latin rapere,” to seize) and they share morphological and behavioral traits, originally they were thought to be close relatives. However, with t… Read more

What do catbirds, thrashers and mockingbirds have in common?  If you answered they all mimic other birds, you’d be right.  Although a number of birds play at mimicking other birds, mockingbird… Read more

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With the warming of March and April I am often asked, “Are the snakes back?” Well actually the snakes did not go anywhere. They do not migrate to warmer climes and only become dormant or inact… Read more

Round-tailed Ground Squirrels (Spermophilus tereticaudus)are a common sight during the spring and summer here in SaddleBrooke. These small, ground-dwelling squirrels are quite active during th… Read more

Sometimes, I get excited by very small things. The other day, while preparing to do some photography in my studio, I noticed a peculiarly folded blade of grass stitched together with silk. Upo… Read more

A bird of prey, like a hawk or an eagle, soaring high in the sky has an unlimited field of vision and relies on its eyesight and hearing to “sense” its world. What about the snake or lizard? H… Read more

Did you ever wonder how a butterfly gets around? Its erratic flight and speed would seem to make it difficult to escape its predators, find a mate, or even locate food. Read more