Mural de Ignacio García

Ignacio García pintó fuera del Teatro Rialto el mural del ex basquetbolista y presentador de TV Bill Walton montando un jackalope, un animal mítico descrito como una liebre con cuernos de antílope.

Ignacio Garcia’s mural on the east wall of the Rialto Theatre, 318 E. Congress St., was inspired by myths and symbols often identified with the Southwest. He submitted his proposal in February, so the rodeo was on his mind, and the mythical jackalope seemed to go right along with that. “I wanted it to be fun and have a childish feel,” he says. “We all have this inner child; seeing something like this can give us a happy feeling.” Originally, the rider on the jackalope had the face of a child, but the Rialto’s Curtis McCrary suggested it have basketball announcer Bill Walton’s face instead. The image of Walton, who Tucsonans either love or hate for his goofy personality, ups the “fun” of the mural, which is 45-feet long about about 70-feet high. “People are going bananas and being emotional about (the murals),” says Garcia. “I didn’t realize how much people wanted this movement; I didn’t realize how much people needed this.” More of Garcia’s work at