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    Of course, Senators Justine Wadsack (LD17) and Andy Kern and the rest of the Arizona Freedom Caucus are opposed to Ranked Choice voting. They are afraid they will lose! It easier for their small groups of loud supporters to win in primary elections rather ran against other candidates in gene…

      OPINION: "The chardonnay-sipping elites in the Democratic Party should reconsider their priorities and concentrate on convincing blue-collar workers in mill towns that the big “D” Democratic policies are tightly focused on the practical needs and aspirations of those on Main Street and not on throwing rocks at their political opponents," writes Tucsonan Paul Morton Ganeles. 


      Need gift ideas to help with the ladies in your life? This list will surely help you make the grade.

      It has just been reported that, in 23 Baltimore schools, not one student is proficient in math. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in parts of our nation and is a national embarrassment. The first and overriding goal of our primary education system is to get our children proficient in readi…

      Two articles in this morning's Star show how out of touch Arizona's Republican legislature is with its constituents. [“Poll: Water Conservation Main Concern;” “Saudi Water Deal Spurs Action.”] A poll shows that 70% of Arizonans biggest concern is protecting our water resources. Meanwhile, ou…

      The latest edition of the Dictionary of American Conspiracy and Lunacy has added their “Words for 2023” a little earlier due to the proliferation of potential candidates for inclusion:

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