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    OPINION: "An Arizona without legal abortion is quite simply an Arizona in which it is not safe to have a uterus or carry a pregnancy. YWCA’s mission is eliminating racism and empowering women. In order to do either, we have to continue working to expand abortion access, not ban it," writes Lara Ruggles, director of development and marketing at YWCA Southern Arizona.

      OPINION: "If I were still the parent of a minor child, would I take the child to a drag show? Probably not, but I do know this: If, given the choice between exposing my child to an active shooter drill or to a drag show, I would, without hesitation, choose the latter," writes Tucsonan Mike Tully.

        OPINION: "Sam and I disagree on many issues, but if we weren’t talking, it would be very easy to let those disagreements morph into disgust, and have us turn each other into caricatures of 'our side.' I don’t want that to happen, even if people on the extremes encourage that very thing," writes regular Star contributor Renée Schafer Horton.

          OPINION: "The senators should remember that the Second Amendment doesn't apply to Mexico. If they don't, they will continue to be complicit in fueling violence that our nation's founders never intended to protect," writes Curt Prendergast, the Star's opinion editor.

          Gov. Phil Murphy repeatedly has claimed that his decisions about when to allow what parts of New Jersey’s economy to resume are predominantly data driven. Yet he provides neither the data nor medical experts to talk about specific studies and statistics that supposedly form the basis for his many emergency orders the past five months.


          Thomas Jefferson famously said, "A well informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny." I urge all my fellow citizens to watch the publc hearings of the January 6 Committee hearings as a matter of civic responsibility. With testimonials both live and on video, streams of exactly wha…

          Mr. McConnell shows his true colors when he demands immediate laws to protect Supreme Court Justices but says that the only thing we can do to protect school children is "more psychiatric care". If he doesn't want to try to protect our children from crazy people with guns why should Juctices…

          Many thanks to Art DiSalvo, who wrote to suggest that the Star provide information about primary candidates in list format.  As the premier news source in Southern Arizona, the Star is the logical place for readers to access information that empowers them to exercise their civic responsibili…

          Congress took an important step forward last year to help more Americans afford health care by passing the American Rescue Plan Act, it included an expansion of health care subsidies that made more than 89,000 AZ patients newly eligible for tax credits to cover the cost of care. We are appro…

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