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    Once again the debt limit is in the news and of course it is a “crisis”. Both parties are fine with this shameful recurring argument. That both sides change their arguments on who occupies which seats of power doesn’t seem to bother them either. I have a simple and effective solution which i…

      A letter writer in the 1/31 edition of the Star took issue with Tucson's homeless population, describing them as "not Tucsonans or contributing members of our community, but opportunists." Such thinking requires me to be honest, because I, too, am not a Tucsonan. I'm a Minnesotan who spends …

        Re: the Jan. 20th letter " Accomplishments ". If you would try listening to something other then all of the MAGA hype (in all of your letters to the editor), you might gain a new prospective. We are living in very complex times, that require experience and ability to think outside the box. A…

          OPINION: "At OPCS, we are here to help, not judge. We are putting our efforts behind more accessible emergency shelter and an increased inventory of housing that is affordable for persons currently homeless," writes Tom Litwicki, CEO of Old Pueblo Community Services.

            OPINION: "If the ACC is the democratic body it claims to be, it should proactively structure open meetings to accommodate the public, not just paid utility representatives and industry insiders," write Andrea Messinger Dalton and Christie Black, co-leaders for Mormon Women for Ethical Government Arizona.


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            Get this; Mark Finchem, the “High Desert Grifter,” is begging supporters for more money. Yet Finchem's failed campaign doesn’t have any debt, according to his new state finance report. In a recent fundraising email, he implored his devotees, dupes, and chumps to “help pay off campaign debt.”…

            Memphis tenn. watching the news on how the memphis battered a man and caused his death. maybe they should have shot him in the back 9 times and the grand jury would have found them NOT GUILTY.

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