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    Now that a Special Prosecutor has been named to work the cases involving the Big Liar/Thief, my hopes are that he will look seriously into the attempted theft of my vote and 1,672,142 others in Arizona who voted for Biden/Harris.

      Incredible. Kari Lake recently went to Mar-a-Lago to see Donald Trump after apparently losing her election bid for Arizona's governor. A fly on the wall might witness this scene:

        So Mark Finchem lost his election. He also seems to have lost his mind. He has so many wacky conspiracy theories, and so few ties to reality.

        The federal government’s child tax credit just had its 25th anniversary, but not everyone is celebrating. Some conservatives think it’s a runaway entitlement program. A few on the left would rather redirect the money elsewhere. Advocates, meanwhile, want to expand it — but don’t agree on how.


        Need gift ideas to help with the ladies in your life? This list will surely help you make the grade.

        The reader who recently wrote in regarding who should be allowed to vote truly is clueless about how modern American democracy should work. The idea that good American citizens should not be allowed to vote is the antithesis of the American way for which many of our citizens have fought and …

        When I was in the military ,after every exercise or deployment, we all sat down for "A lessons learned"conference to correct any and all problem areas . I hope that those who run our elections are doing the same. And yet 2022 was a rehash of 2020. I'm not feeling confident for 2024.

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