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Gallop took a poll in May concerning people's concept of moral values in this country. 50% said that our moral values are bad with 78% saying they are getting worse. The Gallop poll also showed that belief in a God shrunk to a low of 81%. Is there a connection?

There is still a chance the well-publicized gun regulations may not pass. Some Radical Party members who took part in the negotiations and agreed to support it, may not. Surprised? Not really. That is the modus operandi of the GOP. Just say NO.

First Roe, by a vote of 5/4. Women no longer have control of their bodies. To quote Amy Coney-Barrett, "Abstinence is best" (Poor husband Jesse and seven children-4 girls/3 boys). Next, abortion pills, ALL contraceptives, sanitary napkins and pads, vasectomies, kissing in public, holding han…

SCOTUS’ controversial decisions, eliminating the separation of Church and State, have no basis in the Constitution. Nowhere does it say that the Church can use its tax-free status to usurp and proselytize our children into any religion. The Founder’s believed religion was a private matter.

The Republican Party is instituting a Political Correctness regime across the country. The latest salvo against "drag" is especially confusing. Will I be prosecuted if I let my grandchildren watch "Mrs. Doubtfire"? How about "Tootsie" or the even more classic "Some Like It Hot" starring Tony…

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