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The Star’s front page story “Free panel discussion will focus on Tucson evictions” relates the plight of a working woman with two young children who experiences a medical issue that results in a lost paycheck and then an eviction from her apartment.

Thanks for Conor Walsh’s Op Ed article “Central America climate change helps drive migration” (3/19). “There is no rain” is one explanation local humanitarian volunteers hearing. Conor also rightly mentions the reduction of US aid as a factor driving people north. I want to call attention to…

One side wants a wall, too many drugs. The other side says no, need better surveillance. Nobody is addressing the human trafficking thru the Indian Nation or the many people conned out of their money and left to die in the AZ and NM deserts. So how about we build a wall and every 10 miles ha…

As they headed west, the pioneer wagon trains and Butterfield stagecoaches stopped at Apache Springs---the water so precious that Ft. Bowie was built there to protect it. The next stop for survival in the desert was the Cienega Springs. The springs and the mountain from which they sprang (no…

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Senator McSally, who is filling Senator McCain's seat, is toast given her support of Trump and his continuing comments against the late Senator McCain. Disgraceful, like most everything that comes out of Trump's mouth.

So, the major roads on the north side and east side are getting repaired. Many residential roads are not getting repaired. This seems to be especially true on the south and southwest side of our city. In fact, I may need to repair all the pot holes in front of my driveway.

The electoral college is re-emerging as a popular subject. Should it be abolished? Rather than providing an opinion, we need to carefully ponder the reason it exists.

New Zealand is very smart. The terrorist that murdered 50 people will never have his face shown or his name spoken. This is a brilliant strategy. Most of these mass murderers commit these horrible atrocities for attention to their evil causes and attention to themselves.

I am so excited to hear that one of my favorite folksinging groups from my childhood has re-emerged as a new Kingston Trio. Thank you for that story. I can hardly wait to hear the new songs with the old Trio sound that was loved by so many.

Now the Democrats want to expand their voter base by letting 16 year-olds vote. Good idea. I suggest we also let them run for Congress and be eligible to be judges and members of the Supreme Court. Some of them would probably be better than the buffoons that are there now.

I felt strange as I read “Is Sanders the Democrats’ best bet to beat Trump?” on your Opinion page, March 18th. Merrill Matthews, supposedly “Pro-Bernie”, didn’t seem interested in qualities I know true to Bernie Sanders.

For six weeks a year there's big boy horse racing in Tucson. Rillito Downs may be old and creaky, but it is an integral part of the "winter" events that are the Old Pueblo.

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It’s all about the cost externalities. This is the last remaining living watershed in the entire State of Arizona. We have lost our memories of the living Gila, Santa Cruz, and Colorado watersheds. That was a nice advertisement in Sunday’s editorial section from Rosemont’s CEO. A tiny set as…

Andre Lauzon, vice president of Arizona Business Unit, for Hudbay Minerals says the approval of the Rosemont Mine by the Army corp of Engineers is a win for the Southern Arizona community. Not so.

On Sunday, March 17, my wife and I witnessed a horrific accident at the intersection of Broadway and Houghton. We were disappointed that this was not reported in the Star the next day. This was the third major accident we have seen or driven past in the last few months. Perhaps if there were…

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Tim Steller’s article on McSally was insightful, but I Tim think left some important parts out. McSally hanging onto Trump’s coattails is a good thing for Democrats. With President Bone Spur's obsession with Sen. McCain “he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured” and his c…

Senator McSally has taken an oath to protect and follow the directives of the Constitution. I am deeply disappointed that she has broken her oath by supporting President Trump and his false emergency at the southern border.

A recent letter writer asks why is Sen. Eddie Farnsworth sitting in a position of power in our legislature in 2019? With all due respect, it's because we the people (at least the majority of people who voted in his district — an important distinction) have elected him time after time.