Jackie Schuld, with bell, was honored for her compassion.

What: Ben’s Bells promote kindness and community involvement. Each week a person who makes Tucson better is “belled.”

Last week’s recipient: Jackie Schuld.

Nominated by: Belinda Motzkin Brauer and Jordana Barness.

Why: Schuld, the art teacher at Eastpointe High School, works with youths who have a diverse range of needs and expectations, many of whom have experienced loss, including significant and often traumatic death loss. Schuld’s mother died from ovarian cancer in 2014 and she chose to channel her grief through her passion for art. She creates a supportive, nonjudgmental and safe place for her students to process their grief through open conversation as well as through art, her nominators wrote. Schuld’s unique approach through her creative lens allows these youths to share freely and deeply their innermost pain. She gives her time and talents far beyond her classroom. She volunteers for cancer organizations, hospices and seizes every opportunity to help others through speaking engagements and workshops. Schuld involves her students, empowering them to help others create beauty from their pain. Schuld has also written and illustrated two books, “Grief is a Mess” and “Making It Through Chemotherapy.”

More info and to nominate someone: Go to bensbells.org/BellingForm to submit a name. Go to bensbells.org or call 622-1379 for more information.