DuVal endorses Prop. 123 education funding plan
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DuVal endorses Prop. 123 education funding plan

Gov. Doug Ducey

Gov. Doug Ducey will travel to Hermosillo, Son., Friday.

PHOENIX — The man who tried to keep Doug Ducey from becoming governor is signing onto his signature education policy initiative: Proposition 123

Democrat Fred DuVal said Wednesday he believes he was the better choice for governor in 2014. “Doug’s priority is to lower taxes for the wealthiest among us,” DuVal said. “My priority is to assure that we adequately fund schools.”

During the gubernatorial campaign, DuVal said if he was elected he would stop fighting a lawsuit brought against the state by schools over the failure of lawmakers to obey a voter-approved measure requiring state aid be increased every year to match inflation.

But Wednesday, DuVal said he supports the proposal crafted by Ducey — and agreed to by education groups — to settle the suit for less than what they claimed. The deal is contingent on voters approving Proposition 123 in a special election May 17.

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