The mural by Niki Glen is located at the west corner of North Fifth Avenue and East Toole Avenue. Glen says she's painted over 100 murals, but this is her first one in Tucson. The eight new murals, in downtown Tucson, by different artists are part of the City of Tucson Mural Program in conjunction with Tucson Arts Brigade. Friday June 10, 2016 Mamta Popat / Arizona Daily Star

Niki Glen’s mural on the corner of North Fifth and East Toole avenues is a celebration of nature in our part of the country, with Monarch butterflies, hummingbirds and an abundance of color. “The theme is pollinators,” she says. The mural is 50-feet long and just 4-feet high. “I wanted to do something that was timeless and contemporary that I thought people would enjoy looking at now and in 20 years,” she says. Find more of her work on her web page,