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A song to open our hearts

A song to open our hearts

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Following a severe overnight storm, an elderly gentleman was walking the beach trying to avoid the thousands of starfish that had been washed up and were dying. He ran into Robert, a young man carefully throwing starfish back into the sea.

“You’re wasting your time,” the man said. “You can’t make a difference.”

As Robert sailed another starfish back into the water he said, “It makes a difference to this starfish!”

In this difficult time, we can each make a difference during this ongoing corona storm.

With the severe economic and health dislocations, conflicting advice on how to live and stay healthy, stress for most of us is at a very high level. Each of us search for ways to relieve the stresses of the world, perhaps now more than ever.

Within my chosen spiritual path, Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, I have discovered a direct link to divine love and guidance amid the stresses of daily living. It is through singing an ancient name for God, HU (pronounced hue).

This mantra has guided soul from the beginning of time. It is a universal name for God. This sacred word can spiritually uplift people of any religion, culture or walk of life.

For me it brings solace, peace and a knowingness of God’s love.

This mantra changes our internal focus from the mind to an open heart. For it is within the heart that we listen and hear the nudges of the Holy Spirit that bring us closer to God’s love.

Singing this sacred word brings an inner calm. To listen to thousands of people singing HU and learn more, visit

I am grateful for discovering this spiritual path over 30 year ago.

Eckankar offers a spiritual toolbox that provides a link and inner connection with the Holy Spirit. It’s different for everyone. Each of us is on our own journey home to God.

With difficult choices before us we can pause and do a heart check. By pausing just a few moments and listening to our heart, we may receive a knowingness of the best choice in this moment.

Singing HU is a way for me to stay connected to divine love and inner guidance in all situations.

And so how can I make a difference?

In my 80s I do not want to catch the virus. I follow CDC guidelines. I wear a mask. I make an effort to protect myself, my family and those around me by wearing a mask.

It’s not perfect, but it’s the best we currently have.

I believe that each of us can make a difference if we try.

Singing HU guides each of my steps to make a difference. A difference based on divine love.

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