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10 tips for surviving rattlesnake season in Tucson

10 tips for surviving rattlesnake season in Tucson

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While the busiest month for rattlesnake bites is now over, Arizona officials are warning people who are out and about in the warm weather that rattlers are out there, too.

There were 264 reported cases of rattlesnake bites in 2020, the Arizona Game and Fish Department says.

Arizona is home to 13 species of rattlesnakes, with eight or nine species living in Southeastern Arizona, depending on how the region is defined.

They range far and wide — from deserts, canyons and forests to urban backyards.

Some rattlers slither a mile or more from their dens to places where they spend the summer, say department biologists.

The venomous vipers sometimes rattle before striking — but not always. So use these 10 tips to survive snake season wherever you go!

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