Here's a look back at Wilbur and Wilma's appearances through the years.

From Star archives, here is the Wilbur and Wilma timeline:

• 1915-1958 - Live mascots were used off and on and often had to be tranquilized before games. The original Wildcat, a bobcat named Rufus, was accidentally hanged.

• Nov. 7, 1959 - Wilbur the mascot first appears at a football game. His $100 costume was paid for by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona.

• 1970s - Wilbur's "Rhinestone Cowboy" phase included a vest, cowboy boots and a holster and gun.

• March 1, 1986 - Wilbur meets Wilma on a blind date.

• Nov. 21, 1986 - Wilbur and Wilma's wedding. They are joined in holy "catrimony."

• 1995 - Wilbur sues the University of Arkansas Razorbacks over a knee injury from a rowdy tackle during a dance in 1994.

• 2002 - Guns were banned from the logo version of Wilbur, inspiring a debate about gun rights. The pistol-packing Wilbur still appears on the rare sign around campus.

• 2006 - Wilbur and Wilma renew their vows.

• Nov. 7, 2009 - Wilbur's 50th birthday.

• August 2012 - Wilbur and Wilma get a much-needed update - bigger hat, darker fur