Inspired by Andy Warhol's "Lonesome Cowboys," filmed in 1969 at a ranch north of Tucson, Marianne Dissard will traipse off to a different cowtown this weekend to make a Western movie while presiding over a dusk-to-dawn party.

Co-produced by Dissard and the Parasol Project, the "Lonesome Cowgirls" event is at Cowtown Keeylocko, about an hour's drive from Tucson.

Dissard, the Old Pueblo's ambitious French-born chanteuse, has put together a promising lineup of entertainment. There will be music and performances by Flam Chen, Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan. DJs Carl Hanni and BK-One (from Minneapolis' Rhymesayers) will pull spin duty.

"I've always wanted to play a show at Keeylocko, and I thought I would do that this time around," says Dissard, a party starter of the first order. "I guess I can't do anything simply."

Admission is free, "but I'm sure we'll be passing the hat," she says.

The peak time for the performances will be from 9 p.m. to midnight, Dissard says. If you get hungry, there will be chow available for sale. You should bring water with you, she says, and camping equipment if you like.

Given the complexity of the "Lonesome Cowgirls" party and film shoot, it's no surprise that Dissard, queen of all media, will simultaneously shoot a documentary about the whole shebang.

"It's much bigger than anyone ever expected," she said the other night. "Pulling together a feature film and shooting it in 24 hours, it's really incredible."

The film, an homage to Warhol's improvisational "Lonesome Cowboys," is meant as a companion piece to Dissard's latest album, "L'Abandon," which she is currently recording in Tucson. The CD-DVD combo should hit the streets late this year, she says.

Dissard bought a copy of the rare Warhol film, which isn't commercially available in the United States, from an Italian collector on eBay. She's watched it over and over, knocked out by its beautiful imagery and touching, ambiguous human relationships.

"You have to see it three or four times to make sense of it," she says.

If she survives the shoot, Dissard plans to immediately get out of Dodge.

"As soon as it's over, I'm getting on the Greyhound bus to go to Los Angeles for a month's worth of editing," says Dissard, who hopes to premiere the film at the Loft Cinema in the fall.

The months ahead also include a trip to New York, where she'll perform at Joe's Pub and elsewhere.

Dissard says she met BK-One about three years ago when he was in town with Brother Ali.

They exchanged music and a working friendship was born. BK-One, who will be DJing an after-party for Sage Francis on Friday night at Club Congress, is now mixing her album. He's also scheduled to do a live set at 7 p.m. Friday on community radio station KXCI (91.3-FM), she says.

When not touring as Brother Ali's DJ, BK-One travels extensively throughout Central and South America. These travels inspired his first album, "Rádio Do Canibal," which features Scarface, Slug, Raekwon, Murs, Haiku D' Etat, P.O.S., The Grouch and other bright, idiosyncratic hip-hop emcees.

if you go

• What: "Lonesome Cowgirls," an all-night party featuring Flam Chen, Brian Lopez, Gabriel Sullivan and Marianne Dissard, and DJs Carl Hanni and BK-One.

• Presented by: Marianne Dissard and Parasol Project.

• When: Saturday from dusk to dawn.

• Admission: Free.

Where is Keeylocko?

From Tucson, Ed Keeylocko's spread is almost an hour's drive. Head west on Ajo Way past Three Points. Turn left on Hayhook Road, just before the Border Patrol checkpoint. Follow the dirt road for eight miles, then follow signs to Cowtown Keeylocko. Park before entering the ranch.