Sometimes part of the fun of going to a music festival is piling into your mom's hatchback with five friends, hoping you'll make it all the way to Indio, Calif.; Austin, Texas; or even Manchester, Tenn.

Bröötal Sun Fest, a music festival now in its second year, offers the adventure of discovering 50 independent rock bands in downtown Tucson over the next four days.

"None of these bands have a large draw, but it's a very diverse group, and we're really excited to get them," said Logan Greene, the festival's founder.

The second annual Bröötal Sun Fest kicks off tonight at Skrappy's and Dry River.

The festival includes local acts - such as Doctor Dinosaur, Jaime J. and Steff Koeppen and the Articles - and about 30 bands from different parts of the United States, along with two from Canada.

The Phoenix-based Andrew Jackson Jihad is headlining the festival and will play Sunday night at Skrappy's.

The punk-folk group resembles the Boston rock heroes of Dropkick Murphys, but without the big-band sound. It has released 19 recordings since forming in 2004.

Greene, 22, carefully crafted the festival's lineup.

"We handpicked all 50 of the bands," said Greene, who plays guitar for Doctor Dinosaur and for Logan Greene and the Bricks. He's also Dry River's booking director.

The music ranges from garage-punk, such as the Shrapnelles, to the charming acoustic folk of Watercolor Paintings.

Greene was inspired by the Crucial Fun Fest in Lexington, Ky., which he played with his band Doctor Dinosaur.

"I started to create something as unique and awesome as that. The bands were really supportive of each other, and nobody was there for any reason but to see the bands and have a good time," Greene said.

He selected venues that didn't hinder or limit the concerts.

"I like to keep it all-ages," Greene said. "I've been going to Skrappy's since high school, and they put music first. This way people come for the music instead of drinking and socializing."

Last year's festival had about 45 bands and sold about 125 tickets. Greene hopes to double sales this year.

The festival is a "do-it-together" event with an all-volunteer staff and proceedings going to the touring bands and nonprofit venues.

"There are no sponsors or contributors - just a bunch of independent people who enjoy music," Greene said.

The music will alternate from Dry River in the afternoons to Skrappy's at night.

The lineup:

• Tonight at Skrappy's: Logan Greene and the Bricks; Real Phony; Reservado; and the Runaway 5.

• Friday at Skrappy's, beginning at 7 p.m.: Roar; Blvd Park; David Neff and the Retroskeptics; Liam and the Ladies; Musical Charis; New York Taxi; Dogbreth; Austin Jefferson; Days N Daze; Arroyo Deathmatch; and Fossil Arm.

• Saturday at Dry River, beginning at noon: Emperor X; Chicken Little; Imadethismistake; Wreck of the Zephyr; American Lies; Dylan Sizemore; Rye N Clover; Steff Koeppen and the Articles; Captain Squeegee; No League; Aids Free; Truancy; I Live in Your Basement.

• Saturday at Skrappy's, beginning at 7 p.m.: Doctor Dinosaur; the Wild; French Quarter; the Finches; Ralpheene; Monster Pussy.

• Sunday at Dry River, beginning at noon: Watercolor Paintings; Shark Pants; the Shrapnelles; Topless Mongos; Run-On Sunshine; Just Another Snake Cult; Plague Party; Pork Torta; Mega Bog; Jehovah's Fitness; Faster Than Light; and Feel Free.

• Sunday at Skrappy's, beginning at 7 p.m.: Andrew Jackson Jihad; Jaime J.; James Rabbit; Blunt Mechanic; Cuckoo Chaos; Woolly Mammoth; and IJI.

If you go

• What: Bröötal Sun Fest

• When: Thursday through Sunday.

• Where: Dry River, 740 N. Main Ave., and Skrappy's, 191 E. Toole Ave.

• Tickets: $5; $15 for all four days; $25 for all four days and meals catered by SB's Latenight Lunchbox. Tickets can be purchased at Skrappy's and Dry River.

• Schedule and more:

• Bonus: All-access tickets are handmade bracelets crafted by volunteers.

Nicholas Scala is a University of Arizona student apprenticing at the Star. Contact him at Schedule subject to change