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Or email our customer service center at or call 1-800-695-4492

Customer service center hours are from 6am-6pm Monday-Friday, 6am-10am on Saturday and 7am-10am on Sundays. Holiday hours vary.

You can also manage your account online at

Trouble logging in to or e-edition?

Subscribers can use our Login Check tool to self-diagnose a variety of problems related to logins and accounts.

Sometimes the issue can be fixed by clearing “cookies.” We understand this is not an optimal solution, but it does fix the problem in a number of cases.

Click here to learn how to clear cookies for your web browser

Our websites are complicated pieces of interconnected software and our partners occasionally make changes to their systems that break functionality. We apologize for any inconvenience.


What does Activation mean?

The Activation process simply links your print account information with the online, opening our entire website, and all digital products to you with no restrictions.

As a home delivery subscriber, your subscription includes Full Access to all of our online content. However, in order to access the online content, you’ll need to “Activate” your account.

How do I Activate my Account?

To Activate your subscription, go to and choose a password. This action will link your print account to our digital offerings and give you full access. If you have any trouble activating your subscription, please e-mail or call 1-800-695-4492.

I tried to Activate but it didn’t work. What happened?

From time to time, our system does not recognize the information entered by a subscriber on our Activation page. Sometimes this occurs when customers have multiple accounts. Other times, due to system glitches, our system simply does not recognize the email address. If you have any trouble activating your subscription, please e-mail or call 1-800-695-4492.

I tried to Activate but it didn’t work. What should I do?

If you have any trouble activating your subscription, please e-mail or call 1-800-695-4492.

What happens if I don’t Activate my account?

If you do not Activate your account, your access to will be limited.

Advertising Inserts and Fliers

My newspaper seems to be missing some of the inserts. Why?

Some newspaper advertising inserts are "zoned," and only inserted in geographical areas the advertiser has selected.

Back Copies

Where can I find copies of past newspapers?

Subscribers can access e-Edition versions of Arizona Daily Star back to 2007 on Papers can also be accessed via, or at the main Tucson Library at 101 N. Stone Ave, Tucson. The library’s phone number is 520-791-4010. Arizona Daily Star no longer fulfils requests for printed versions of back copies.


My first bill was for a higher amount than what I thought it should be. Why?

That’s because your first bill includes a prorated charge for the remainder of the current month to put your account in line with our standard billing cycles. Standard billing cycles are based on calendar months, so if you start your subscription in the middle of a month, your 1st bill charges you for the remainder of that month, plus the pre-pay for subsequent calendar months. After your first bill, charges will be at the stated rates less any credits.

On my bill, it says “Adjustments to rates may take place as subscription terms expire.” What does that mean?

This line on your bill simply means that we will not increase prices for billing periods which you’ve already paid. Rather, any price adjustments will be made at the end of prepaid terms. Like all other businesses, it is sometimes necessary for us to increase prices. Paper, ink, fuel, delivery fees, and other expenses incurred in producing our product increase over time, and these increased expenses must be partially passed along to our customers.

On my bill it says, “Charges for your home delivery subscription will continue until you advise us otherwise.” What does that mean?

In an effort to avoid unintended interruptions in delivery, we provide a grace period prior to stopping delivery. That means, if you didn’t pay your bill, but we didn’t hear from you, we’ll assume you want to continue home delivery. After a period of time, however, your home delivery will be automatically stopped, and your account balance will reflect all received deliveries.

Can I still access online content when I put my print home delivery on a vacation hold?

Yes. When you put your print home delivery on a temporary vacation hold, you will still have access to all of our content via digital platforms. While on a home delivery vacation hold, your account will be credited for charges associated with the delivery of our print edition. Content charges will continue to be applied while you are on vacation.

How are Vacation Credits calculated on my bill?

While on a home delivery vacation hold, your account will be credited $.15 per day (Mon-Sat) and $.22 per Sunday that the print edition is not delivered. The digital portion of your subscription remains active and available, so content charges will continue to be applied while you are on vacation.

Is it possible to pay every 3, 6 or 12 months rather than monthly? Or visa versa?

Yes. To change your billing cycle, simply email or contact a customer service representative at 1-800-695-4492.

What is your refund policy on subscriptions?

For subscriptions including delivery of the print edition, any balance over $10.00 will be returned. For Digital Only subscriptions, there are no refunds.


Customer Service

How do I contact customer service?

Our customer service center can be reached via live chat by clicking here, via email at or via phone at 1-800-695-4492 from 6am-6pm Monday-Friday, 6am-10am on Saturday and 7am-10am on Sundays. Holiday hours vary.

I can’t seem to get through when I call Customer Service. What should I do?

Our call center handles customer service for several different newspapers, all around the country. Unfortunately, this can sometimes increase wait times. On Mondays (our busiest day), hold times have been up to ½ hr. If you are experiencing an unusually long hold time, you can always email your question to or go to our online customer service portal on For shortest hold times, it is best to call in the afternoon, Tuesday-Friday.

Delivery Issues

Is the person who delivers my newspaper an employee of the Arizona Daily Star?

No. The Arizona Daily Star is home delivered by a team of independent contractor carriers. Each carrier manages his/her own route, in accordance with an individually negotiated contract.

What time should I be receiving my paper?

Contractors are obliged to deliver complete newspapers in good condition by 7:30am Monday-Saturday and by 8am on Sundays.

Do you offer redelivery if my paper was wet, damaged or missing?

Yes. Redelivery is available in metro Tucson, but not in outlying areas. If your paper is wet, damaged or missing, please report it by clicking onto your account on, and going to the “Report Delivery Issue” link. Or, you can call customer service at 1-800-695-4492. We can typically honor requests if you live in a redelivery area, and requests are received by 9:45am Mon-Sat and by 11am on Sundays.

Discounted Offers

I saw a discounted offer or promotion, but I am already a subscriber. Can I get that lower price?

Unfortunately, no. Promotional offers and rates are available to new subscribers only (no home delivery for past 60 days).


See a video on how to access and use the e-Newspaper.

What is the e-Newspaper?

Our e-Newspaper is an exact digital replica of the daily print newspaper, viewable on computer, tablet or smartphone. It reads like a newspaper and the pages even “flip.” Best of all, you can increase the print size. You can print out puzzles and email stories to family and friends. Find a link to the e-Newspaper on the home page.

Do I have to be a subscriber to view the e-Newspaper?

Yes. To view the e-Newspaper, you must be a subscriber and have Activated the digital portion of your account.

I am a subscriber but can’t seem to access the e-Newspaper. What should I do?

First, make sure you have Activated your account. If your account is activated, your name will appear at the top right of If you do not see your name, your account may not yet be activated. If you are still having trouble, email customer service at

I’m able to access the e-Newspaper, but it isn’t working properly. Do you have any troubleshooting steps?

Yes. Most problems with e-Newspaper display, features and printing can be solved by going through the following steps:

  1. Check to ensure you have Javascript & Cookies enabled: Enable Javascript | Check and enable cookies
  2. Check your version of your browser to ensure it's up to date. This can usually be found under the "About" option under Help or settings menus.
  3. If you are using any Anti-Virus software / Firewall or Internet Protection Software (Ex: Norton, AVG) to see if they are blocking cookies or disabling javascript. You may need to refer to your program's help documentation to learn how to check these types of settings.
  4. Lastly, after you check the above, please try to clear your cache and cookies to ensure a "fresh" start:
  5. Close and re-open your browser (all tabs).

My e-Newspaper is missing sections or content. Who should I contact?

Email a description of the issue to Please also specify the device (desktop, laptop, phone or tablet), operating system (PC, Mac, Android, iOS), Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc), and a screenshot illustrating the problem.

I signed up for a free e-newspaper trial, but didn’t receive an e-mail. What should I do?

Sometimes, automated e-mails from Arizona Daily Star get caught up in spam filters. First check your spam and junk files, then go to the search box in your inbox and type "Arizona Daily Star." Anything caught in your spam filter should pop up. If it doesn’t, just email us at and we’ll find another way to provide you with the link.

Full Access Subscriptions

What does “Full Access” mean?

Full Access is a term we now use to describe subscriptions to the Arizona Daily Star. That is, subscribers no longer get “just the paper.” Subscribers now get “Full Access” to our news and information where and how you want it – on all platforms, including web, mobile, smartphone, apps, tablet and delivery of the print edition on the days you select.

What do I get with a Full Access Subscription?

Full Access Subscriptions include home delivery of the Arizona Daily Star, access to all of our digital products and more! Find out everything you get with your subscription at

Can I get a print subscription without Full Access?

No. All print subscriptions include Full Access to our online content.

Mail Subscriptions (Out of town)

I live out of town. Can I still get the Arizona Daily Star delivered via U.S. mail?

No. The Arizona Daily Star no longer offers mail subscriptions. Digital Access subscriptions, however, include access to our e-Newspaper, and can be viewed from anywhere.

NIE / Literacy Leadership

Does the Star still participate in a News In Education program?

Yes. Arizona Daily Star participates in a News In Education (NIE) program (now called Media In Education) that provides e-Newspapers and digital content to schools and learning facilities in the Tucson area. If a teacher/school is interested in the program, they can visit or contact Anais Teso at 520-807-8038. The program no longer provides free daily print editions.

Paper Statement Fee

What is the paper statement fee and is there a way to avoid it?

A $5 paper statement fee is included on each printed statement you receive. This fee is to offset processing costs associated with providing a printed statement. Processing costs include administrative resources, paper, envelopes, printing, postage and handling of payments.

Is there a way to avoid the paper statement fee?

Yes. There is no paper statement fee if your account is set up on EZ pay. Set up your account on EZ Pay for secure, automatic monthly payments by calling Customer Service at 1-800-695-4492 or visit


Why is my neighbor paying less than I am?

New subscribers can sometimes take advantage of temporary promotional rates. These rates will increase to full rate ($85 per month) over time.

How often do you increase subscription prices?

Subscribers on promotional rates should expect to see price increases every 3-9 months (depending on promotion) as accounts are transitioned over time to full annual rate.

Single Copy Newspapers

I don't subscribe. Where can I buy a newspaper?

Single copy newspapers are available every day at most Fry’s, Circle K, QuikTrip, Albertsons and Bashas' locations.


Subscriber Only Content

How do I access "For Subscribers" content?

Some content on is labeled "FOR SUBSCRIBERS." If you do not subscribe to the Star or you are a subscriber who is not Activated and signed in, you will see a message asking you to buy a subscription or sign in - and you won’t be able to read the story unless you do one of those two things.

Thanksgiving Edition Pricing

Are subscribers charged extra for the Thanksgiving Day paper?

No. The Thanksgiving Day paper is included with all home delivery subscriptions at no extra cost. While the price of Thanksgiving papers purchased at retail outlets is higher ($5), no additional charge is passed along to subscribers. It is billed like any other day.

Tubes For Newspaper Delivery

Can I get one of those road-side tubes for my newspaper delivery?

Yes. Tubes cost $5, and come with basic mounting hardware. They are typically delivered by the carrier within 5 business days. Installation is the subscriber’s responsibility. Call 1-800-695-4492 to order a tube.

Is there a limit to the number of articles I can view for free?

Yes. is metered, allowing non-subscribers to view 2 articles for free every month. The free article count resets each calendar month.

TV Weekly

Is a TV Weekly automatically included with my home delivery?

No. While prime time TV grids are included in the paper every day, TV Weekly Magazine is not included in home delivery subscriptions. Subscribers can, however, get TV Weekly Magazine included with their Sunday paper by signing up for a separate TV Weekly subscription, and paying an additional charge.

Arizona Daily Star no longer handles the ordering process for TV Weekly Magazine. To subscribe to TV Weekly Magazine, consumers should visit or call TV Weekly Customer Service at 1-877-689-3818.

Is a TV Weekly included in Single Copy papers I buy at the store?

No. While prime time TV grids are included in the paper every day, the TV Weekly magazine is not included with the paper.

YES! – Your Essential Shopper

What is YES! and why is it being delivered to me?

YES! Your Essential Shopper is a FREE collection of local content, ads, savings opportunities, and up to $100 in valuable coupons. In partnership with our advertisers, the publication is delivered to non-newspaper subscribers in select areas during the Thanksgiving holiday at no cost to the consumer. The publication is no longer delivered weekly.

Other Questions

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