The craft beer craze has officially made it to the suburbs. By August or early September, you'll be able to find a beer bar in practically every neighborhood ... The latest concept Caps and Corks is going into the Sprouts shopping center at Orange Grove near the I-10 freeway. 

The beer and wine bar is owned by two local couples Ty and Elyse Hammett, and Ty's brother Tad and his wife Dulce Hammett. Originally from Bisbee, Ty is a local homebrewer and has been scouring the neighborhood for potential spots. 

"Growlers is out there, we go to Tap and Bottle North all the time, but we wanted something close to the freeway," he said. "It's a little bit smaller than what we wanted it to be originally, but it's an endcap. There's a garage door that opens up and the south side is all windows." 

With help from architect and designer friends, the Hammetts are building the interior of the place from scratch. The previously unused space at 3830 W. River Road will have an industrial feel with cement and corrugated metal, but also feature calming elements like reclaimed wood. 

Caps and Corks will have 25 rotating beer taps and eight wine taps that will highlight different breweries throughout Arizona, as well as trendy and interesting beers from across the U.S. During the summer that means an emphasis on Hazy IPAs and sour beers, but Ty wants to move toward heavier styles like porters when the weather gets cooler. 

There will also be a six-door cooler case with 300 to 400 different beers, and 50 to 60 bottles of wine. In addition to the bottle shop, Caps and Corks will also do beer delivery across Tucson a couple days a week. Ty is also planning to make regular trips up north to bring in beer from in-demand breweries like Wren House and Arizona Wilderness in the Phoenix area and Dark Sky Brewing in Flagstaff. 

"I love Arizona, and I'm gonna do everything I can to showcase Arizona," he said. "Small towns are about good beer, good company, shooting the breeze hanging out. It's about wanting to have something of your own like that."

Caps and Corks is opening not far from Casa Film Bar's second project, Casa Marana Craft Beer and Wine, which is currently in the hiring process. That taproom is going in at 8225 N. Courtney Page Way off of North Cortaro Road. 


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