The Museum of Contemporary Art encourages the use of non-traditional art materials. 

Don't just put your kiddo's art in a storage box. 

The Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson is looking for work done by children in grades K-12 to hang in its first juried show for youth titled "New Histories."

Juried means artwork is chosen for the exhibit by a group of artists and curators.

"We wanted to give youth an opportunity to show their work alongside professional, contemporary artists in a museum setting, because it's really important to give them the confidence to put themselves and their work out there," said Ginger Porcella, executive director and chief curator at MOCA. "We have a lot of fantastic youth education programs at MOCA, and we see such great work from young people coming out of those programs, so we wanted to shine a light on the talented youth throughout the entire state."

This is a statewide show, so there will be a lot of competition to get in, but there are things your child can do to get noticed. 

Artwork should be photographed well, meaning no dark or blurry submissions. You can help your kids with their submissions if they have questions. And, art should be super creative and unique. 

"We're looking for creativity, unique use of materials, and students' unique perspective to come through their work. We would LOVE to see video and performance submissions, as well as some fun installation art and sculpture," Porcella said.

Artwork must be submitted online by March 1 and the exhibit opens April 27. Kids can submit up to three pieces for consideration. Submissions are $5 each.

Go here for more info.

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Angela Pittenger | This Is Tucson