Re: the March 2 article "7 companies fall on city's divestment list for wall construction."

Tucson's policy of divestment in companies which have participated in border wall construction is not only irresponsible but likely unlawful. The city council has a fiduciary duty to citizens, employees and retirees to select companies to invest in to obtain the best rates of return. Companies which may have excellent investment returns will be excluded. That is irresponsible.

Additionally, the council's actions most likely violate the First Amendment's right to free speech. By participating in border wall construction, those companies are "speaking" through their actions. Yes, it's commercial speech, but it is protected speech. What we are really seeing here is that these companies are being punished by the council because the council disagrees with their speech. This shows that the council either lacks a clear understanding of the First Amendment or it sees fit to trample on it when the council doesn't agree with what others say. Either way the council is not supporting the First Amendment.

James Tuthill

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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