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Fitz's Opinion: Martha McSally has some questions to answer from this liberal hack
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Fitz's Opinion: Martha McSally has some questions to answer from this liberal hack

The following column is the opinion and analysis of the writer.

Last Thursday CNN correspondent Manu Raju asked Arizona Sen. Martha McSally, “Should the Senate consider new evidence for President Trump’s impeachment?”

Good question, right? Every constituent represented by McSally deserves to know if our appointed public servant will consider new evidence, right?

Our senator replied, “You’re a liberal hack. I’m not going to talk to you.”

CNN’s Manu Raju is a hack? Really? McSally blew off calls to apologize, saying, “I call it like it is.”

I call it like it is, too. Senator, you’re a Trump hack.

Can we talk? It’s painfully obvious the whole stunt was staged, Martha. You awkwardly lobbed a canned insult. (We know you’re desperate for funds.)

You tweeted the video. Trump retweeted it. Next thing you know you’ve got airtime on Fox. And then you still wouldn’t answer the simple question your constituents need to know.

It’s remarkable how ready your team was to hawk your “You’re a liberal hack, buddy” T-shirts by the end of the day. Why read the articles of impeachment when you can be peddling phony exchanges and trinkets to get elected?

I first met you when I sat beside you at a memorial service. You were entering politics; contemplating a run in 2014 for Ron Barber’s congressional seat, which Gabby Giffords, a pragmatic centrist, had once held. A military brat, I admired your service and your achievements. First woman to fly combat! You had the intellectual rigor one would expect from an officer who had served in the United States Air Force. You were a Republican who reminded me of a maverick I admired.

I liked you personally.

In an interview that year we joked about partisanship, and then, parting, you hugged me like a familiar acquaintance and said to me, “I’m NOT one of those weird Republicans.” You won that seat in 2014 by a narrow margin.

You lied to me, Martha.

You’ve become one of the “weird” Republicans you disparaged, a pathetic Trump toady, desperately clinging to the great shark’s belly like a remora.

Anderson Cooper responded to your embarrassing stunt by taking note of the old Martha. In 2016 Elle magazine described you as a political “moderate,” a “pragmatic” conservative who sought “to engage in rational discussion based on mutually agreed facts.”

You soon gave up that shtick.

In this upcoming impeachment trial, you have no interest in determining the mutually agreed upon facts of the case. You abandoned “rational discussion” the day Gov. Doug Ducey handed you, an electoral loser, Sen. John McCain’s seat.

Martha, you know as well as I do the maverick we knew would be disappointed by your behavior — and ashamed of your subservience to the orange chicken hawk who mocked his service to our nation by disparaging his tenure in the Hanoi Hilton, preferring those “who weren’t captured.” Surely, as a captive of Trumpism, you can empathize with all prisoners of war.

After Trump won in 2016 you cynically chose to forsake reason, intellectual rigor and your oath to the Constitution so you could embrace the most corrupt, prolific liar ever to disgrace the Oval Office.

In a 2018 Senatorial debate with Kyrsten Sinema you stunned Arizonans when you frantically accused her of treason, a crime punishable by death, and you exalted Trump as a heroic disrupter.

You flew your Warthog to the dark side. You became a wingman for the corrupt authoritarian who praised war criminals, dodged military service by lying, defied the military code of honor, committed reckless tactical blunders, insulted his generals, ridiculed Muslim Gold Star families and mocked prisoners of war for being captured.

You wear the uniform, yet you do not defend what it represents.

David Fitzsimmons:

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