The Cup Cafe's baked eggs at Hotel Congress

These are the baked eggs from Hotel Congress' Cup Cafe.

Tucson is home to lots of brunch spots.

So many that we ventured over to the wonderful people of Instagram and asked our followers what restaurants are their go-tos. 

With Mother's Day right around the corner, you might think about taking Mom to one of these local favorites — or just bookmark this list for the next time you're in the mood for a cinnamon roll pancake or cast iron baked eggs 🍳

The breakfast salad at 5 Points Market and Restaurant, which was written up in both the New York Times and the Phoenix New Times. 

5 Points Market & Restaurant

Recommended by: Chris Durante, @chris.411

Chris' favorite dish: The huevos rancheros.

Many years ago, our former food writer Andi Berlin raved about the breakfast salad at 5 Points... and their huevos rancheros... and the smoked salmon benedict. 

Biscuits and gravy at Baja Cafe, 7002 E. Broadway.

Baja Cafe

Recommended by: Cindy Pastorius, @cindyinthedesert

Cindy's favorite dish: "My favorite thing at Baja Cafe depends on my mood," she says. But if she wants something sweet, her go-to is the snickerdoodle pancake. As for savory, her favorite is the corned beef and eggs (she loves the restaurant's gouda sauce). 

One thing to watch out for at Baja Cafe — weekend specials. A couple weekends ago, the featured Benedict included chimichurri flat iron steak, with cheesy potatoes, sausage and red Chile shrimp... then topped with peppers, onions, chiles, poached eggs and a cheese sauce.

The Copper Queen Skillet is a classic Bisbee Breakfast Club creation. There's a bunch of stuff under that gravy, we promise. 

Bisbee Breakfast Club

Recommended by: Regan Hamm, @reghammbone

Regan's favorite dish: The chorizo rancheros, which come with corn tortillas, refried beans, scrambled eggs and chorizo, plus veggies and cheese.

Bisbee Breakfast Club started in Bisbee in 2005 and now has several locations in Arizona, including two in the Phoenix area.

Blue Willow

Recommended by: Jennie Bass, @jbass12

Jennie's favorite dish: The Blue Willow Breakfast Special and the Tucson Mimosa. She says, "That prickly pear syrup is 🔥🔥"

Blue Willow has a long history in Tucson, opened in 1978 by Janet Seidler who also added a gift shop. The gift shop still exists today, selling lots of quirky and fun gifts — some Tucson-related — at the front of the restaurant.

The portobello sandwich, $12, at Café a la C'Art features goat cheese, roasted red peppers and more. 

Cafe a la C'Art

Recommended by: Kelly Deininger, @kelly.deininger

Kelly's favorite dish: Portobello omelette with an iced coffee. "They also have yummy items in their pastry case to drink with your morning tea or coffee," she says, also noting her love for the restaurant's patio.

Cafe a la C'art is tucked inside the Tucson Museum of Art courtyard, with a lush garden patio. There's a full pastry case, plus a full menu for breakfast and lunch.

Cappy's Breakfast Cafe 

Recommended by: Victoria Rose Whiteside, @i_will_be_victorious777

Victoria's favorite dish: Chorizo with beans, salsa and tortillas.

Cappy's serves up breakfast and lunch seven days a week. The menu has all the classic breakfast favorites, from chicken fried steak to French toast to breakfast burritos.

Tofu scramble at The Cup Cafe, with potatoes and fruit. 

Cup Cafe

Recommended by: Betsy Labiner, @betsyl17

Betsy's favorite dish: Cast iron baked eggs, which includes two poached eggs, ham, leeks and cheese. "I like to put in the potatoes that come as a side and mix it all up," Betsy says. She also loves the Mocha Azteca — milk, espresso, cocoa powder, cinnamon, chili powder, cayenne and vanilla syrup.

Cup Cafe is located in the historic Hotel Congress, which also serves dinner. Hotel Congress was built in 1919 and Cup Cafe opened in 1990.

Eggs provencal, one of the signature dishes at Ghini's French Caffe, 1803 E Prince Rd., on July 2, 2020. The restaurant has been opened since 1992.

Ghini's French Caffe

Recommended by: Phyllis Zapor, @phylliszapor

Favorite dish: Strawberry crepes, mimosas and Ghini's signature dish: Eggs Provencal.

Coralie Satta, who started helping her mom and grandma in the kitchen at the age of 2, opened Ghini’s in 1992.

Goodness Fresh Food & Juice

Recommended by: Nick Costello, @coste77o

Nick's favorite dish: The Morning Bowl, which comes with quinoa, kale, peppers, mushrooms, turkey, sausage, eggs and chipotle aioli, which Nick says  "can't be beat!"

Goodness serves a menu of breakfast favorites, açaí bowls, vegan burgers, sandwiches and salads. There's also a selection of juice cleanses. 

Govinda's Natural Foods Buffet

Recommended by: Michelle M., @skull_light1111

Michelle's favorite dish: The tofu scramble and pancakes. "I like that they have a variety of vegan and vegetarian sweet and savory options," she says. "The outdoor seating with a fountain is also very peaceful, then you can walk over to see the birds and koi pond." 

Govinda's is most known for its vegetarian food, which its been serving since the 1990s. 

The Mount Lemmon Omelette, $9.50, at Le Buzz Caffe is a plump crescent of egg filled with applewood-smoked bacon, tomato and sharp Cheddar cheese. 

Le Buzz Caffe

Recommended by: Kelly L., @desert_dumpling

Kelly's favorite dish: The espresso drink specials, pastries and the Tuna Nicoise. "The pancakes are great too!" she says. "Simple but delicious."

Le Buzz's east-side location is a common stop for bicyclists and hikers, and the eatery recently opened a second location closer to midtown. 

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A post shared by Nook (@nookdowntown)


Recommended by: Chris Durante, @chris.411

Chris' favorite dish: Eggs benedict with a cinnamon roll griddlecake. (Beyond Nook and the above mentions of 5 Points and Cup Cafe, Chris also recommended First Watch.)

Nook started in 2015 and is owned by Nikki and Matt Thompson and Todd and Mary Anderson. Nook's website says: "It has always been their dream to open a restaurant that could capture their personality and share it with the community, and that's exactly what they did."

Get your day on the right foot with the duck confit hash at Prep & Pastry. 

Prep & Pastry

Recommended by: Selina Barajas of Mi Reina Mobile Boutique, @mireina_mobileboutique

Selina's favorite dish: The oven roasted sweet potato hash. She also recommends Barista del Barrio.

If you're a fan of Prep & Pastry, you might also want to try Commoner & Co., August Rhodes and the brand new Flora's Market Run — all of which are owned by the same people behind the beloved breakfast spot.

This is a Dutch baby, also known as a German pancake, or a Dutch puff. It is sweet and moist and spongy, irresistible. 


Recommended by: Ariel Christine, @s0tallyt0ber

Ariel's favorite dish: The Herb French toast (eggs, rosemary, cilantro, scallions, parsley, parmesan, gravy, mixed greens and sourdough) and a caramel latte — with a Dutch Baby pancake to share.

Teaspoon opened a few years ago and serves fun menu items such as bubble waffles, crepes and breakfast skillet dishes, in addition to meals for lunch.

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Urban Fresh

Recommended by: Hannah Hernandez, @deathfreefoodie

Hannah's favorite dish: The daily specials and the breakfast burrito that comes with soy chorizo, potatoes, green chile sauce, black beans and veggies.

Open since 2015, Urban Fresh serves plant-based foods ranging from smoothies and salads to sandwiches and wraps.

Village Bakehouse

Recommended by: Lisa-Marie of The Basket Boutique,

Lisa-Marie's favorite dish: The stuffed French toast, which comes stuffed with raspberries and cream cheese or cinnamon apples.

Village Bakehouse is most known for its baked goods — pastries, pies and wedding cakes, for example. But there's also a full breakfast and lunch menu.

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