Look for this bike (one of two) parked at Tugo Bike Share stations. 

They call them unicorn bikes. 

That's the name for the two Ben's Bells themed bikes you'll find parked at Tugo Bike Share stations through Sept. 15. The phrase refers to bikes distinct from the rest of the system's bicycles. 

As part of the Ben's Bells Project's 15th anniversary, the local nonprofit partnered with Tugo to promote kinder streets.

"The idea is to promote safer, fun riding in Tucson and being kind while you're out on the street," says Nick Grzebienik, the general manager of Tugo Bike Share. 

Amy Collinsworth, the education program manager for the Ben's Bells Project, remembers one of the early promotional photos for Tugo last year was taken in front of a Ben's Bells mural downtown. That launched the partnership. Tagline Media Group also helped with the bikes. 

"Ben's Bells has a pretty big following of cyclists anyway," Collinsworth says. "We usually have an El Tour team and carry bike socks in our shop. Tucson is a big cycling community, and we really just try to be part of that." 

Every week through Sept. 15, Tugo will run a photo contest with the bikes. Follow Tugo and Ben's Bells on Facebook and Instagram for clues about the location of each Be Kind Bike and take a photo of yourself with the bike, post it to social media with #KindStreets. Each week one photo will be chosen and the winner will receive Tugo and Ben's Bells swag. 

Find Ben's Bells on Facebook and Instagram. Find Tugo at on Facebook and Instagram

For every mile ridden on each Be Kind Bike, $1 will be donated to Ben's Bells. 

To ride a Tugo bike, a day pass is $8 and a monthly pass is $18. 

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