Jackie Sharma is the owner of Bombolé, a new restaurant downtown that fills empanadas with Indian flavors. 

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One of the newest restaurants downtown comes from a woman who has been keeping Tucson caffeinated for several years. Now she's feeding us, too. 

Jackie Sharma, 44, has owned Ikes Coffee and Tea on Stone Avenue downtown (and in other locations) for about three years. This summer, she opened Bombolé, a downtown lunch spot that serves empanadas stuffed with Indian curries. (More on Bombolé here.) 

Although she was born in Honduras, Sharma married into a family of Indian descent and has spent the last 10 years perfecting Indian curries. Some experimenting in the kitchen led to an empanada filled with leftover curry — a new (and tasty) business venture. 

Because we love these savory empanadas, we wanted to introduce you to their creator. 

Jackie Sharma opened Bombolé to serve the Indian empanadas she invented in her kitchen at home. 

Meet Jackie Sharma.

Describe what you do: I am a mother of two children, a wife and a business owner. I keep myself busy by running the shops and looking after my kids.

You're a restaurant and coffee shop owner. Tell us how you got here. I have always enjoyed feeding people. It has been my passion to make food to feed others, so it was probably inevitable to become a coffee shop owner. I used to be an elementary school teacher and was in a hiatus while I had my babies. However, once my children were old enough to start preschool, I started wondering what else to do with my time. My husband and I decided to invest in a coffee shop. That's how we came to own Ikes Coffee and Tea. It has been a total adventure and a dream come true. I get to feed people, make wonderful friendships and continue to learn and grow as a businesswoman.

Now that we have opened our own shop (Bombolé) that has been another dream come true. It has taken lots of time to come to fruition but we are here to feed our downtown community

What has your experience as a woman in this industry been like? My experiences as a businesswoman have been just as expected from someone who doesn't have a business background. There have been days when nothing could really prepare me for the daily problems, but I am fully committed to being able to provide a good service to each one of my customers at Ikes coffee shops, Bombolé or at Twirls Frozen Yogurt.

I want every customer to have a good experience. That's the most fulfilling of all the dreams.

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