Cirque du Soleil’s show “Corteo” is coming to the Tucson Arena next week.

The show will run from Wednesday, April 3, through Sunday, April 7.

At the show, expect to see acrobats, dancers, musicians and actors perform the story of a clown who pictures his own funeral taking place in a carnival atmosphere. The performance celebrates life through the clown’s flashbacks and his companionship with his friends.

“[Corteo] is a unique production where we have 52 performers from 18 different nationalities. It’s a very mixed group with a lot of different skills,” Maxwell Batista, Cirque du Soleil publicist, said.

The theatrical atmosphere brings a live experience where the audience will be able to see both sides of the stage and enjoy a closer look at the performers, Batista said, adding that it’s what the show is known for.

“[‘Corteo’] is a show you will be touched and moved from the beginning till the end,” Batista added.