Eegee's is getting a makeover, including a color palette inspired by its signature frozen-fruit drinks.

It's billed as the biggest change Eegee's has gone through since it went from a used vending truck selling frozen lemon drinks in 1971 to the Tucson-based restaurant chain that offers sandwiches and baked goods along with its frozen drinks.

"We looked at the stores that we had currently and decided that if we want to build new stores, we want to build them in a certain image," said Tommy O'Connor, director of creative services and son of Eegee's President Tom O'Connor.

The main colors of Eegee's have been changed from gold and green to deep red and orange. The chain is also sporting a new logo, without the lightning bolt underlining "Eegee's." The logo is displayed in neon on the front of the two newest locations, which are the first to feature the new look.

"We took a lead from the vibrancy of the Eegee's drink colors for the new color schemes," said Eddy Bitton, president of Bitton Design Group.

O'Connor's team, along with Bitton Design Group, developed the new exterior and interior designs. Another change: The new restaurants have bar-stool seating in addition to booths and chairs.

The chain's newest eatery, at 6210 N. Oracle Road, also features artwork of Arizona mountain and desert landscapes from SearchNet Media, a Tucson-based photography company. The other new restaurant is in Casa Grande at 1442 E. Florence Blvd.

With 23 Eegee's restaurants in the Tucson area, renovating the rest is a daunting task, O'Connor said. "All the stores have different layouts and sizes, which makes it a challenge to do the interior enhancements," he said.

However, Eegee's has begun repainting the older locations. Only five stores still need to be repainted.

The Eegee's on the corner of North Stone Avenue and West Drachman Street was the first to undergo interior renovations.

The plan is to complete all renovations to the older locations by early 2012.


Eegee's got its name from the original owners Ed Irving and Bob Greenberg. The "Ee" stands for Ed and the "gee" is for Greenberg's nickname, "Grimes."

Eegee's 2011 Coupon Card Program

Every June, proceeds from Eegee's Coupon Card program go to support a local not-for-profit organization. This year's benefactor is Tu Nidito Children and Family Services. Coupon booklets cost $5 each and have coupons worth up to $72. Booklets are available at all Eegee's.

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