In March, the Trump administration proposed a 10% cut to the Department of Education Budget. Programs like Special Olympics were to be cut. Fortunately, people rallied in support of education programs for the students who are the most in need. Supporting education for everyone is an American value. It is also a way to keep America strong and safe.

Right now, The Keeping Girls in School Act is before the U.S. Congress. This act supports education for girls and young women in less developed countries around the world. Studies show that improving education for girls improves healthcare, childcare, and the economies of less developed nations. The Borgen Project, an organization that works to end global poverty, believes the act is an important step in helping less developed nations improve the lives of their citizens. As a Borgen Project ambassador, I’m contacting my congressional leaders to support this act. I hope you will too.

William Ellis


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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