On a hike through a Southern Arizona canyon, the sound of rushing water fills the air. No, this not Sabino Canyon; this is a secret waterfall.

We turned to Facebook and asked about lesser known hiking spots and several people suggested this hidden waterfall in Madera Canyon, 25 miles southeast of Tucson.

After late January rains and mountain snow, there was a 25-foot secret waterfall down an unpaved trail.

“The waterfall was there due to the rain,” said Heidi Schewel, media coordinator of the Coronado National Park. “There’s normally waterfalls because of rain or snowfall in the canyon.” 

To find it, take I-19 south from Tucson toward Nogales for 20 miles. Take exit 63 at Continental Road in Green Valley, and turn left. In one mile, turn right onto Whitehouse Canyon Road, then keep right for Madera Canyon Road. Park at the first entry station to the right of Madera Canyon Road.

Walk 200 feet down the Proctor Trail paved path to an unpaved trail to the right. Follow that to a stream of water and then the hidden waterfall. 

The water flows from Madera Creek about a mile away from the waterfall. Check out the picnic area near the creek.

There are big, slippery rocks to sit on near the waterfall. The rushing water is loud but there isn’t a lot of foot traffic here. It is a great stopping point on a hike to take a breath, clear your mind and watch nature at work.