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Amid a major drought in the Western U.S., a proposed solution comes up repeatedly: large-scale river diversions, including pumping Mississippi River water to parched states. Just this past summer, the idea caused a firestorm of letters to the editor at a California newspaper. In 2021, the Arizona state legislature passed a measure urging Congress to investigate pumping flood water from the Mississippi River to the Colorado River to bolster its flow. Studies and modern-day engineering have proven that such projects are possible but would require decades of construction and billions of dollars. Politics are an even bigger obstacle to make multi-state pipelines a reality. Yet their persistence in the public sphere illustrates the growing desperation of Western states.

Harrison knew when he was five that he was different, but he didn’t have the words to explain why he belonged in the boy’s restroom, and not forced into the girl’s. When he came out as trans in middle school, his classmates reacted with threats of assault.  Being able to use the right bathroom then […]

The post Arizona considers a doomed GOP bathroom bill, advocates warn of harm from continued anti-trans rhetoric appeared first on Arizona Mirror.

Brittney Griner’s return to the WNBA has collided with free agency which has raised questions once again about teams chartering flights. Griner announced in December that she would return to the league after spending last season in a Russian jail before being released in a dramatic prisoner swap. The 6-foot-9 center is a free agent and says she'll return to Phoenix. Players can officially sign with teams on Wednesday. Players have been unable to negotiate for charter flights and the current collective bargaining agreement requires all teams to fly commercial. If Griner needs special travel accommodations due to safety concerns the league will have to come up with a plan and any change would have to be approved by both the union and the WNBA.


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