Screenshot of new ad from Patriot Majority USA, touting Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick's record

A new political ad from a political nonprofit out of Washington DC is hitting Phoenix and Flagstaff airwaves today, praising Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick's record in Washington D.C.

The 30-second ad paid for by Patriot Majority USA thanks the Flagstaff Democrat for her helping to keep prescription drugs affordable for seniors and lowering cost of student loans for working families.

From the ad:


"There is Wall Street and there is Main Street.

On Wall Street, new highs and record profits.

On Main Street, a higher cost of living.

Ann Kirkpatrick is doing something about it.

She opposed a radical plan that would end Medicare’s guarantee

Kirkpatrick worked to keep prescription drugs affordable for seniors

and reduced the costs of student loans for working families

Call Ann Kirkpatrick. Thank her for putting Main Street first."

Candace Bryan Abbey, a communications consultant to Patriot Majority USA, said the group will spend $700,000 on political ads in five political races to combat the "radical Tea Party agenda being pushed in Washington."

"We are pleased by recent polls showing that Americans are rejecting the Tea Party and its radical agenda, but the job of discrediting its radical policies is far from over," Bryan Abbey said. "Which is why we are running these issue ads in Arizona, Florida, Washington and Wisconsin, and it’s why we are proud to stand up for policy makers who fight for working families in the face of overwhelming opposition from the Koch brothers and special interests.”

More than a third - roughly $235,000 - is being spent on the Kirkpatrick ad, which will be broadcasted on Valley-based television stations. There are no known ad buys for the same group in Tucson.

Daniel Scarpinato, a spokesperson for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said it comes as no surprise another Democratic-leaning group has started airing ads to help keep Kirkpatrick in office.

“It makes perfect sense that a dark money Super PAC funded by some of the most liberal special interest groups in America would be coming in to bail out Ann Kirkpatrick,” Scarpinato said. "Kirkpatrick has done nothing but put Nancy Pelosi and President Obama’s agenda first, and now that she’s paying a political price for it, Kirkpatrick’s friends in Washington are trying to buy her way to reelection.”

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