My family has fought in every war the United States has had since 1640. Ten members of my family have served in the military during my lifetime. Three members of my family rest in the Veteran's Cemetery in Marana. As a family member who has supported and assisted active duty military members my entire life, I am thoroughly disgusted with Martha McSally's political ads.

Does she think that military family members do not also serve our country? My family members fought — and sometimes died — for the right of Americans to protest any and all government actions. Obviously, McSally thinks I, and other military family members, have no right to protest and she did not fight for that. What did she fight for? To show she was better than the men she competed with? Why doesn't she talk about her record as a representative instead of only her past military experience?

Bette E. Bunker Richards


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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