Randy J. Rogers recently began his new job as chief executive officer of the Tucson Association of Realtors.

He previously worked as the associate vice president for development at DePauw University, where he organized a structure to launch and achieve substantial progress towards its $300 million campaign. Prior to DePauw, Rogers spent several years building fundraising teams with Indiana University and the Indiana University Foundation.

The Tucson Association of Realtors represents the interests of more than 5,100 real estate professionals. Services provided to members include professional and licensed-related education and public policy advocacy.

Rogers, 50, shared some thoughts about his new role.

Q. Your background is in education. How did you become interested in real estate?

A. The real estate industry has always interested me, but the real key is the coordination of the members involvement as volunteers and the ability to help them achieve their goals in the industry. Membership organizations are built on providing value to the members, providing outstanding customer service and products that make their investment in the organization a benefit to their career.

Q. To what do you look forward to working with this segment?

A. The changing dynamic of the real estate industry is exciting, and the way the members engage with clients is rapidly evolving. This creates an atmosphere that is perfect to blend the proven practices with new ways of operating. TAR has the opportunity to be a catalyst in helping the members achieve their goals and continue our excellent customer service in our changing world.

Q. What was it about Tucson that appealed to you?

A. Tucson is an amazing town that I fell in love with immediately. It is unique, diverse and beautiful. I come from Bloomington, Indiana, a smaller town but very similar in that the unique flavor is celebrated and local establishments are welcome right along with the major national chains.

Q. What are your goals as the new TAR CEO?

A. TAR has a strong history of providing great service to the members. Continuing that service is critical and navigating the future for our members will be paramount to the goals. As the real estate industry continues to become more dependent on technology, TAR and the Multiple Listing Service must provide the tools our members need.

TAR members place a high-value on continuing education. Partnerships with Pima Community College and other institutions in creating even more educational opportunities for members is critical. And embracing the ever-changing social media environment will also be key to TAR’s ongoing success.

Q. What impact would you like to have on the local community?

A. I am all about local. People come to Tucson for a reason; they buy a place to live for a reason. We have over 5,000 members who help homeowners achieve their dreams. TAR, along with several partners in the community, will continue to make Tucson a destination for people to live and thrive. TAR’s continued relationships with Tucson Chamber of Commerce, Sun Corridor, Visit Tucson, DM50, the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, and other strategic partners will ensure that we assist with impacting the economic development of this great area.

Q. What can the community expect of you in your new role?

A. To be involved and to have my team involved to make Tucson an even better place to call home. We will also work to let the community know how involved Realtors are in their local communities. The list of members who volunteer throughout the Tucson area is too long to mention here. I want our community to know that Realtors are giving back every day.

Q. In your new role, will you be active in the political scene, locally and at a statewide level?

A. TAR has an excellent history and a team that is dedicated to navigating the political scene and making sure issues that are relevant to our members are actively addressed. I will be working closely with that team to continue our work at the local and state level. When it’s appropriate, TAR will continue to be active in local issues, such as the recently successful Proposition 101.

Q. Anything else you would like readers to know about you or your new position?

A. TAR, and my role as the CEO, are here to serve the members, but that ultimately translates to the consumer having the best buying and selling experience they can have. The future is bright and in a world that is becoming ever more connected, using a Realtor is so critical to a successful home purchase.

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