A plate of three tacos for $9. From left: the pork Al Pastor, chicken Poc Chuc and the fried avocado taco with chipotle crema. 

It's the one on the right, with the big fat bulb of fried avocado. It's tough to describe the flavor of this masterpiece without falling into pornographic language, so I'll just have to approximate. 

This hot crispy mass of custardy ambrosia was one of the most beautiful things I've ever put in my mouth. It was so delicious that the fresh corn tortilla, made from scratch down to the nixtamal, was almost an afterthought. 

This #6 spot was a tight race between Seis and Penca, which both seem to occupy the same spot in my mind. But in the end, the turkey came up short. A true west coaster will always choose an avocado over the finest fowl, even right before Thanksgiving.

THOU SHALT: Use Mexican beer in the batter and fry that stuff up like a big ol' shrimp!