Tucson man convicted of attempting to murder his girlfriend.

A Tucson jury convicted a man of attempted first-degree murder last week after he tried to kill his girlfriend two different times, officials say. 

Manuel Sesma was convicted of attempted first-degree murder, along with numerous aggravated assault charges, kidnapping and domestic violence offenses. 

In 2015, Sesma choked his girlfriend and threatened to shoot her. Two years later, while those charges were pending, he tried to kill her again, according to the Pima County Attorney's Office.

In 2017, he choked her until she lost consciousness and cut her throat. She came to while he was dragging her into the bedroom. She was covered in blood she didn't realize was her own. Sesma asked her if she was dead yet. Seeing she wasn't, he punched her in the face, smothered her, dumped water on her, held her nose shut and stabbed her in her side with a pocket knife.

He then told her they were going to be famous, swallowed a bottle of pills and slit his own wrists.

The victim passed out, but she came to again and decided she needed to stay alive for her children, according to officials. Her attacker was unconscious.

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She crawled to her brother's room, leaving a trail of blood behind her. When her brother opened the door, he saw his sister near death, her jugular cut, a fractured bone in her neck, her face black and blue.

Not only did Sesma's victim live, so did he.

His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 7.

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