HOPE Animal Shelter was flooded during a storm in Marana on Tuesday, July 10.

Tuesday's monsoon flooded HOPE Animal Shelter in Marana, causing extensive water damage and a need for donations and help in fostering animals.

During the flood, no one was able to get in or out of the shelter until the water could recede, the shelter said on Facebook. However, no injuries were reported and all pets were accounted for as of last night, an employee confirmed in a Facebook message. The phone lines at the shelter were down Wednesday afternoon.

Though it's uncertain where all of the animals are currently staying, many prior fosters volunteered to take in pets. HOPE, which is at 8950 N. Joplin Lane, is looking for more people to foster the animals, the employee said.

Many people also volunteered to help clean up the aftermath, HOPE said in a separate Facebook post.

The rain led to a leaky roof, which will now need repairs. The flood also caused damage to exterior areas and outside yards, and the floors will need repairs as well. 

According to one of the Facebook posts made by HOPE, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Water restoration company Steamy Concepts offered to help the shelter — for free.

HOPE also said that in the three years HOPE has been open, this type of flooding had never happened. 

The shelter is also asking for donations to help fix the damage and replace items ruined during the incident.

According to the Town of Marana, the shelter is accepting monetary donations, cleaning supplies, trash bags, pet food, and general animal supplies. Donations can be taken to the Marana Municipal Complex and the Marana Operation Center.

Since HOPE's phone lines are currently down and roads around the area are also damaged, people looking to contact the shelter should reach out through their Facebook page.

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